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If you believe that while dealing with students we should behave amicably and want to teach them in a different way then Umang welcome you wholeheartedly.

Just email us a note on your capabilities and also mention that what sought of contribution you want to devote at Umang. Also, inform us that how much time you need to fulfill the purpose and what sought of resources you are expecting from Umang team.

You are also welcome to volunteer for the activities of Disha trust. Your contribution in the field of education will be precious.


If you are studying and want to do internship at Umang, then send application/proposal to us. Internship period will be minimum 2 weeks. After receiving application, we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to do internship for long duration can proceed with that too.


UMANG Pathshala is practicing new format of education. We provide children a fearless atmosphere, where they can find solutions themselves, experience by doing and learn by understanding. Rather than imposing any decision or moral value, we inspire them to raise questions and find a solution themselves. Our effort is to grow children as self-sustaining students. In this process, teacher has a very important role. We are always in search of such teachers who have the zeal to learn something new. We expect below-mentioned qualities in a teacher:

Interested in analyzing school education in a new way.
Interested in working out of the box.
The capability of reflecting self-experience and broadness in thoughts.
Believe in team spirit.
Interest in reading-writing and good command over the language.

If you believe that you are an enthusiastic teacher, want to do something new in the education sector and find yourself fit in the above-mentioned criteria then mail your CV to us. You can also put your queries regarding Umang.

At present, there is a vacancy of English teacher in Umang.