Our Teachers

Hitakshi :Stays at Sonipat, started teaching career with a private school and continued the same for 7 years. Joined Umang in September 2015. In beginning she found new education methodology bit challenging, but learned everything patiently and synchronised with Umang adeptly. She believes that new teaching methodology at Umang helped her to change the perception towards life. And this made the bonding stronger. She spent lot of time at Umang. Along with carrying the administrative responsibilities she teaches English to some groups. She likes conversation with kids and also like reading books. With her experience at Umang interest for good cinema is developed. Taking inspiration from Umang she is pursuing higher education too. Being a part of Umang, she finds many changes in herself. Working with Umang and redeeming responsibilities gives her the utmost mental satisfaction.

Vivek:Resides at Sonipat, holding a graduate degree and planning to pursue post graduation. Started career with Quality Department as a third party inspector. Also worked with different companies at Rohtak, Gurugram and Patiyala. Distraught with these jobs joined a private school and coaching centre. But thing were not different there too, monotony of such places inspired him to move towards alternative education. He did ‘Foundation in Education’ course organised by Digantar. At the same time he came in contact with Umang. He is a part of Umang since October 2015. With special interest in theatre, he tries to do theatre activities with kids too. He is carrying many responsibilities at Umang. At present he is teaching Mathematics, social studies and theatre education to children. He likes music, singing, reading, watching movies, travelling and photography.

Mosina:Resides at Hathwala Village of Smalkha, Panipat. Did schooling at Jeevanshala, now pursuing graduation from distance education. a rebel by nature, often raises voice against social evils and constantly learn from the experiences. Associated with Umang since July 2016. Has proficiency in curing the disappointments and building confidence among children. Earlier she was working with a private school. She enjoys learning and teaching through new methodologies. Also likes to contribute at most time for children. At present she is working on Hindi and mathematics.

Rakhi:Stays at Gannor, Post graduate in Sanskrit and did B.Ed. also. Worked as a volunteer at Umang for 4 months. During internship period got inspired with the work culture of Umang and joined as a permanent teacher in April, 2017. She believes that Umang is an amazing school; where rather than cramming bookish things valuable education is served. She is working on learning and teaching Hindi at Umang. Because of this work, taste for reading Hindi stories and novels developed. She is always ready to take up new tasks at Umang.

Meenakshi: Post graduate in Political Science. She is the first teacher of Umang, worked with us in 2012, but had to leave after one year. Then worked with pre-primary children in private schools for about 4 years. Joined Umang again in March, 2017. Sings children’s songs very well and her fluency in Punjabi language emboss the morning assembly. She is more inclined towards art and craft activities. Loves to do painting on the wall of Umang. And present different aspects of creativity among children. She also teaches computer.

Momeen:Belongs to Rakseda village of Samalkha, Panipat. Did schooling from Jeevanshala, now pursuing M.A as corresponding course. Joined Umang team in May, 2017. Has special inclination towards Singing and theatre. He likes to compile and compose new songs for children. He works on different strands of music with children. Along with handling the pre-primary group he is teaching Hindi and Mathematics to two other groups. His teaching style is full of experiments and interesting twists.


Preeti :Bachelors of Science from the state University. After working with a private school for some time, joined Umang in the year 2017. Teaches English and Science to the students. Spend a lot of time in informal dialogue with children. Also likes having food along with children. Keeps on involving children in experiments related to science. Designs different experiments and inspires students to solve it. Along with children tries to develop different dancing steps. Many times get disappointed with the social evils, but finds the way out. She enjoys every moment here, believes that she is reliving childhood in with real essence at Umang.