School for future

In our surrounding different categories of schools are being established. In such schools discrimination on the basis of economic stature, region or cast and creed can be figured out easily. This divisive behavior is very dangerous for our society.
After 6 years of learning experience we came to the result that Umang should be a school full of diversity. Children of different socio-economic background should come to Umang. Economically sound families should contribute financially and scholarships should be provided to those who can’t afford. No child should be deprived of good education in deficiency of resources.That’s why we want to incorporate following features in the culture of Umang:-

  • A school which is based on public-support rather than fees. Parents must have freedom to contribute as per their potential.
  • Parents should contribute in any form, which could be decided by parents and Umang team together.
  • Scholarship should be provided to those children who can’t contribute financially.
  • Admission of alteast 50% students from economically weaker section should be ensured. This way inclusive education could be best practiced and it is a wonderful medium of learning.
  • Umang should become a boarding school, so that children and teachers get more time for different activities.
  • In day-boarding children and students should be provided with mid-day meal and snacks.
  • Relationship between education and work should be established. For this purpose work with hand should be promoted.

We believe that a school with socio-economic diversity helps in making a better society. This eco-system contributes balanced and overall development of child.