At Umang, there is a specific syllabus for each subject, which is prepared by our teachers themselves. Syllabus is prepared as per the standards of National Curriculum Framework 2005. This syllabus is like a guide for teachers. This suggests that at what level which potential and skill should be developed and how it should be done. To fulfill the expectations of syllabus, teachers are free to select the study material of their preference. Our work is not bounded to any particular text book.

Our syllabus is divided into four parts:-

  • Pre-primary Level(Kindergarten group):-

    Age group- 4 to 6 years

    Children usually spend 1 to 2 years time period here.
    During this period hand control, coordination of hand and eyes, listening carefully, cooperation, working in the group, playing games and understanding its rules, counting, simple patterns, understanding things in an order, listening stories-poems, game of sounds, listening good music, watching movies etc abilities and habits are being developed. These potentials are the base of learning capability in future.

  • Primary Level:-

    Age Group: 5 to 11 years

    Children usually devote an average of 5 years period in this level.
    During this period children learn to read and write fluently, develop reading and writing habits. Finding answer of the questions by their own and practical mathematics are a part. Here we emphasize on learning Hindi and English language. Children start thinking over the ambience and understand the inter-relation of things around. Children also start learning computer. They make painting with their own imagination. Also develop interest for games, songs-music, theater and dance.

  • Upper Primary Level:-

    Age Group- 10 to 15 years

    In this level Children contributes on an average of three year period.
    During this period along with three languages children study mathematics, science, social studies. Also interest for literature is initiated and they start reading novels. This way they understand the specialty and inter-relation of the characters mentioned in novel. Start abstracting the conceptof mathematics and resolve complex patterns. Do experiments and design survey to understand social and natural inter-relations.Use computer for learning, usage of library and develop interest for games, theater, music, dance etc. At this age a deep understanding of games and art & craft should be developed.

  • Secondary Level:-

    Age Group- 14 to 17 years

    In this level children usually spent 2 year period on an average.
    At this level children need to do a thorough study of mathematics, science and social studies along with three languages. Also develop a better sense for theater, dance, art etc. start making projects in computer. After completion of this level, children are able to pass 10th class exams.
    After completing secondary level children can select any board (State, Centre or international school board) for examination.
    Moving year by year we want Umang to reach at the level of 12th standard. We want to develop as a centre which involves non-conventional methods of learning and teaching upto the level of intermediate.