Board of Trustees

Amit Jain: – Hails from Gannor, now-a-days residing at Noida. A well known face in the city. Associated with various organizations and helping them to deliver best for the society. A businessman by profession; Amit Jain has generous interest for social work. Education is his favorite subject. Played important role in carrying Umang to this level. He considers Umang an important part of his life and makes every possible effort to bring the best. He visits Umang frequently and interacts with students and teachers. Listening music and singing are his hobbies. He is founder member of Disha Trust and now serving as the President of Disha Trust.

Happy Arora:A Delhi based businessman, owns a shop of Electronics parts and accessories at Chandni Chowk (Old LajpatRai Market). With deep concern for social issues he is associated with Umang from its initial stage. He likes playing and talking with children. Also like travelling and listening music in spare time. He leads another branch of Umang at Delhi, where about 50 children of rag picker’s study. He is founder member and currently vice-president of Disha Trust.

Mukesh Digani: Involved with education sector for last 15 years. Being teacher of physical education he worked with many schools at Sonipat District. His last service with a private school was as vice-principal. 6 years ago he founded Disha Trust and then established Umang Pathshala. He is founder secretary of Umang. Also holding the responsibility of Sonipat District Manager at Breakthrough.

Madan Mittal : A well known personality in Gannor, involved in the business of garments. A very companionable personality, perfect example of simple living and high thinking. He is very much concerned over social and educational issues. Cooperate in various activities of Umang and Disha trust. He is holding responsibility of treasurer at Disha trust. He deals with all the financial issues of Umang and Disha trust.

Sushil Jain : Hails from Gannor and hold business at Delhi. Inclination towards issues of social benevolence inspired him to join Disha trust as an active member. He has a strong attachment with Umang and do visit here whenever find time. He is co-treasurer at Disha Trust.

Dr. Paras : A famous Dental specialist, runs a nursing home at Gannor city. Because of interest in social activities, got associated with Disha Trust. Actively participates in management of Umang. Also help in organizing health camp for children of Umang. He has special inclination towards literature. Presently he is General Secretary of Umang.

Dr. Shyam:An Orthopedics by profession, practice at his own clinic in Gannor. He wrote a novel also edited many magazines. Played important role in framing the ideology of Umang. He provides free medical facility to all the teachers and students of Umang. He is founder member of Disha trust.

Virendra(Vinni): Runs business in Gannor city. Associated with Disha trust from its beginning, he is the founder president of Disha Trust. Plays important role in management of Disha Trust. At present he is Executive member of Disha Trust. He is a cricket lover and has special affection for photography

Vikas Sharma : A businessman by profession, Has special interest in education sector. Plays important role in management of Umang. He also served as President of Disha Trust and at present he is executive member of the trust. He is an extrovert and friendly person.

Sudhir Singh : Working in the field of alternative education for last 2 decades. Started career with ‘Jeevanshala’ and worked with Digantar(Jaipur) for a long time. During this period served as coordinator at quality education program BARAN and fellow associate at academic training center (Taru). Where his key responsibilities were coordination of team, teachers’ training, preparing required material, action research etc. He accomplished responsibility of academic Direction at 4 private schools. Has special interest in writing stories for children. In collaboration with ‘Room to Read’ his 7 story books has been published. He keeps on writing on the issue of education. At 2016 developed a special bond with Umang at currently holding the charge of Director at Umang. Also carrying responsibility of executive member at Disha Trust since 2017. Also plays the role of coordinator between Disha Trust and Umang. He is fond of reading and travelling. Also plays important role in teaching activities of various organization (specially Shramik Bharti and Saahas)

Priyanka Rana : – A Delhi based Banker, one of the founder members of Disha Trust. She loves to work with children, visits Umang very often and interacts with children here. Also plays important role in the management of Umang.

Sandeep Singhal : Involved in business of school uniforms at Gannor. Also associated with various organizations. Contributes in various activities of Umang. He is special invited member of Disha Trust Executive body.

Yogesh Rathi : A lawyer by profession and associated with various organizations. Associated with Disha Trust since 2016. He is also special invited member of Disha Trust.

Dr Ramesh Chabra : Resides at Gannor. Do practice at his own clinic in the city, famous for his amicable behavior with patients. Accomplish his social responsibilities very well. Associated with Umang since its beginning. He is Patron of Disha Trust and provides guidance time to time.