At Umang no fees is charged from students. As per the policy of Disha Trust,Umang is a non-profit entity and it is established for providing quality education to every child. We strongly believe that no child should be away from school in scarcity of money.

We also believe that every parent should contribute for the study of his/her child. Umang ask parents for contribution rather than fees. Umang is practicing this philosophy since 2017, So that dignity of every family is maintained and feeling of obligation is not prevailed.That’s why participation of parents is ensured through various means. For future, we are planning to give scholarship to 50% students and rest 50% will bear the expenses of study.

For last 6 years all the expenses of Umanghas been carried by Disha Trust. In initial year expense was 1.25Lakh, but reaching sixth year expenses jumped to Rs. 15Lakh/Annum. Till now funds are being generated through contribution and donation.

We appeal society for providing scholarship to students. Yearly expenditure of a student is Rs. 12000, which includes stationary, books, teacher’s salary, rent of the premises and other daily disbursement.